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12th Standard English Medium - Free Online Tests

English Medium

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Unit 1 -Applications of Matrices & Determinants
Unit 2 -Vector Algebra
Unit 3 -Complex Numbers
Unit 4. Analytical Geometry
Unit 5 -Differential Calculus Applications - I 
Unit 6. Differential Calculas - Applications II
Unit 7. Integral Calculus And Its Applications
Unit 8. Differential Equations
Unit 9. Discrete Mathematics
Unit 10. Probability Distributions


Unit 1 - Electro Statics
Unit 2 - Current Electricity
Unit 3 - Effects Of Electric Current
Unit 4 - Electromagnetic Induction
Unit 5. Electromagnetic Waves And Wave Optics
Unit 6. Atomic Physics
Unit 7. Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter And Relativity
Unit 8. Nuclear Physics
Unit 9. Semiconductor Devices And Their Applications
Unit 10. Communication Systems

Unit 1. Atomic Structure - II
Unit 2. Periodic Classification - II
Unit 3. P-Block Elements
Unit 4. D-Block Elements
Unit 5. f-Block Elements
Unit 6. Coordination Compounds And Bio-Coordination Compounds
Unit 7. Nucler Chemistry
Unit 8. Solid State - II
Unit 9. Thermodynamics II
Unit 10. Chemical Equilibrium - II
Unit 11. Chemical Kinetics - II
Unit 12. Surface Chemistry
Unit 13. Electro Chemistry
Unit 16. Hydroxy Derivatives
Unit 17. Ethers
Unit 18. Carbonyl Compounds
Unit 19. Carboxylic Acids
Unit 20. Organic Nitrogen Compounds
Unit.21 - Biomolecules
(Bio - Botany)
Unit 1 - Taxonomy of Angiosperms
Unit 2 - Plant Anatomy
Unit 3 - Cell Biology and Genetics
Unit 4 - Biotechnology
Unit 5 & Unit 6. - Plants Physiology, Biology in Human Welfare

Unit 1. Taxonomy Of Angiosperms
Unit 2. Plant Anatomy 
Unit 3 & Unit 4 - Cell Biology And Genetics, Biotechnology
Unit 5 & 6 - Plant Physiology & Biology in Human Welfare

Zoology ( Soon Update )
History ( Soon Update )
Accountancy ( Soon Update )
Economics ( Soon Update )


  1. pls update the remaining subjects as soon as possible , because i need to practise online tests for exams

  2. very good system and is very helpful. but please update for other subjects.

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  5. the questions in organic chemistry are not clear.there must be proper linkage.pls if you could update it will be more useful for all

  6. the questions in organic chemistry are not some questions there was no proper bonding so we cannot understand the structure.please update it.

  7. it is useful we could get a clear idea if you still add on questions

  8. it is useful we could get a clear idea if you still add on questions

  9. upload for accountancy & commerce

  10. pls update the bio zoology as soon as possible.i want to prepare it.

  11. Please update the bio zoology as soon as possible,i want to prepare it.


  12. it is very very useful sir but if it is possible please upload for all the subjects sir

  13. Very useful post for 12th students online test series is a great platform for improving knowledge. Student who are preparing for GATE 2017 they must start taking mock test for GATE now so that they can see their actual performance for the main exam.

  14. Do you have any link for IES Exam Books? and by the way thanks for sharing this. These online test are so good

  15. Plz update soon for economics , commerce amd business maths

  16. Please update 1st Rev. Physics, chemistry, Maths,answer key for 2016 2017.

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    Please publish the computer syllabus also, am searching in the internet but am not getting. tndte

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  24. sir,update computer science questions

  25. Please update for the English grammar so that everyone can well revised in it

  26. Plz also make consideration for commerce students. You people also consider arts students equal to science they are bit intelligent than science..


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