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RTI Letters in Tamilnadu Education Department Regarding

New RTI Letters:

  1. Aided School Promotion Regards RTI Letter - Click Here
  2. PG Promotion Ratio Regards Clarification - RTI Letter
  3. Govt Staffs SR not given for RTI Letter - RTI Letter
  4. School Students Learning Disorder Regards - RTI Letter
  5. Disabled Person's Travelling Allowance Clarification - RTI Letter
  6. IT forms no need to Submit to Treasury - RTI Letter
  7. TET Posting Regards RTI Letter - Click Here
  8. Computer Instructors Incentive Regards - Click Here
  9. HM's must obey the RTI Letters - Click Here
  10. When the school lunch time? | RTI Letter - Click Here
  11. BRTE's SABL Works - Click Here
  12. CL (Casual Leave) Taking Details - Click Here 
  13. Permission for Religious symbols wear in Schools - Click Here
  14. Master Attendance Proceeding - Name List Order - Click Here 
  15. PG Asst Handling Lower Class - Click Here
  16. High and Hr.Sec School HM's Duties - Click Here
  17. No Need TET Exam Write for Before 23.8.2010 Certificate Verified Teachers - Click Here
  18. No Extra Benifits for Staffs Under CPS Pension - Click Here
  19. Computer Instructor Appointment Via TRB - Details - Click Here
  20. Aided School HM - No Power to Issue Memo to School Teachers - Click Here
  21. CPS - New CPS Number Amount Merged to Old CPS Number Rgaridng - Click Here
  22. Middle School HM Incharge Surrender Regarding - Click Here
  23. Departmental Exam Permission Regarding - Click Here
  24. How much fees colect from government school students? - Click Here
  25. Before Service Joining Course - No Need Department Permisssion - Click Here
  26. Which Banks Housing Loans and interests are allowed to IT Tax deduction/District Treasury - Click Here

  1. School Meals distribute to all 220 working days must - Click Here 
  2. Union Seniority Must for Master Attendance Name Entry/DEEO - Click Here
  3. Master Attendance - Name List Order - Click Here 
  4. Primary Schools Salary Head Details - Click Here
  5. Saturday School Working Day  - RTI Letter Download 
  6. Single Teacher School Conversion No - Click Here 
  7. Computer BT's Grade Pay Detail - RTI Letter Download
  8. AEEO Office Registers  - RTI Letter Download
  9. Rs.25,000 Penalty for "No RTI Reply" - Click Here
  10. How to Write RTI Letter? Click Here - RTI Letter Download

CL/EL/ML Regarding:
  1. Minimum 2 Days Leave Must for ML - Click Here
  2. CL Also Eligible to Uncompleted Probationary Period Teachers - Click Here
  3. CL Not Permitted to CRC Days / SPD - Click Here
  4. CRC Equal Special CL Permitted by HM [PDF Download] - Click Here
  5. Minimum How Many Days take ML? - Click Here
  6. RTI Letter about CRC Money [PDF Download] - Click Here
  7. EL Surrender Eligible to After 1 Year Completed Teachers - Click Here

Notes of Lesson No Need:

  1. Notes of Lesson No need for SABL Classes [PDF Download] - Click Here
  2. Notes Lesson No Need For SABL Classes [PDF Download] - Click Here
  3. Notes of Lesson No Need For SABL Classes [PDF Download] - Click Here
  4. Work Done Register Maintenance Don't Need For SABL Classes - Click Here
  1. How much CPS Amount deduction allowed for Income Tax calculation? - Click Here
  2. CPS Missing Credit Regarding RTI Letter - Click Here
  3. CPS Fund Transfer to New CPS Account with LF Audit - RTI Letter Download 
  4. CPS Fund Transfer to New CPS Account with LF Audit - RTI Letter Download 
  5. CPS Subscription & Govt Contribution Fund - Interest Alloted equal to PF - Click Here
  6. CPS Fund Details in All India Level - Click Here
  7. Data Center CPS Amount Transfer to AG Office – RTI Letter Download
  8. CPS and GPF-Clarification regarding employees who shift from Aided school to Govt Schools – to continue in Old Pension Scheme - RTI Letter Download
  9. Data Center CPS Amount Transfer to AG Office - RTI Letter Download
TET Teachers:
  1. TET Exam Relaxation not allowed to teachers - Click Here
  2. TET Relaxation regarding orders issued by DSE Director only/TRB - Click Here
  3. UGC Guide Lines for TET Exam - Click Here
  4. TET Qualified Teachers Seniority Panel Preparation Regarding [PDF Download] - Click Here
  5. TET 2013 Exam Not Approved by NCTE / RTI Letter given by TRB - Click Here
  6. Aided School without TET Teachers Increment Regarding RTI Letter - Click Here
  7. TET - RTI Letters - RTI Letter Download
  8. Economics Not Eligible to TET - RTI Letter Download
Basic Duties:
  1. School HM, All Assistant Teachers, Non Teaching Staffs - Fundamental Duties | RTI Letter PDF Download - Click Here 
  2. BT Asst & PG Asst Teacher works Regarding - RTI Letter (PDF Download) - Click Here
  3. Scavenger can also clean the toilet in the schools - RTI Letter (PDF Download) - Click Here
  4. SSA - Supervisor's Basic Word [PDF Format] - Click Here
  5. SSA - BRTE's Basic Works - Click Here 
  6. Night Watchman Work - RTI Letter - Click Here
Transfer / Promotion / Appointment:
  1. Promoted PG Asst Appointment Regarding - Click Here
  2. RTI Letter About 652 Computer Instructors Appointment Priority Regarding - Click Here
  3. No Transfer to Computer Instructors - Click Here
  4. Computer Science Posting Regarding - RTI Letter Download
  5. BT Post - SG Assistants Promotion Regarding - Click Here
  6. Unit Transfer – ADW to School Education - RTI Letter Download
  7. Compassionate appointment relaxation for the Disabled - RTI Letter Download

Aided Schools:

  1. DSE | Aided School Seniority Fixation Regarding [PDF Download] - Click Here
  2. RTI – Aided School Deployment affect to Junior Teacher Only - RTI Letter Download
  3. Aided School Promotion Regarding - RTI Letter Download


  1. Junior - Senior  pay anomoly controversy answer- RTI Letter Download
  2. Junior - Senior Pay Contraversy Answers 2 - RTI Letter Download
  3. RTI Letter About Junior Senior Pay Difference - RTI Ltr Download
  4. No Need Family Details For Junior & Senior Proposal - Click Here

750 PP Regarding:

  1. SG teacher’s Personal Pay 750 Regarding RTI Letter & All Collection - RTI Letter Download

500 GP Regarding:

  1. SG Asst Grade Pay 500 Regarding RTI Letter - Click Here

Higher Studies:

  1. M.A. Economics Eligible to Incentive / JD - Click Here
  2. HSC-First Improvement Certificate also register in Service Register [PDF Download] - Click Here
  3. Incentive Restricted to Limited M.Phil Degrees - Click Here
  4. Convocation Certificate Must for Genuineness Verification - Click Here
  5. Must Get Department Permission For Every TNPSC Group Exams - RTI Ltr Download
  6. BLit Incentive Not Eligible to BRTs - RTI Letter Download.
  7. Meenakshi Deemed University Chennai Not Eligible to M.Phil Prat Time -by UGC Delhi via Right To Information Act. - RTI Letter Download
  8. Two Subjects in Same Year eligible to get Incentive - RTI Ltr Download
  9. Middle School BT's BEd Teaching Practice = Full Salary [PDF Download] - Click Here
  10. BEd Common For All Subjects - RTI Letter Download
  11. BEd is General For All Degree - Click Here
  12. BEd is General for All UG Degree - RTI Letter Download
  13. M.A Economics Incentive Eligible - RTI Letter Download 
  14. M.Phil & M.Ed Higher Education Permission Regarding - RTI Letter Download
  15. One Sitting Maths Eligible to SG to BT Promotion - RTI Letter Download
  16.  SGTTC is equal to +2 for Promotion - RTI Letter Download
  17.  Dual Degrees-Tam,Eng,History only Eligible - RTI Letter Download
  18. 2 Degree in Same Time Eligible to Promotion - RTI Letter Download
  19. B.Ed (Special Education) equivalence to B.Ed.(General Education) - RTI Letter Download
  20. Double Degree also not qualified to TET Exam Apply.RTI Letter Download
  21. Two Degrees in Same Year – Not Eligible - RTI Letter Download
  22. BA (3Years) Studied after the BSC & BEd is Eligible to Appointment - RTI Letter Download
  23. Double Degree Eligible for promotion in Aided school - RTI Letter Download
  24. TRB Reply Before judgement - RTI Letter Download
  25. DSE RTI reply of RTI about double Degree - RTI Letter Download
  26. DEE proof Double degree – not for promotion – due to interim court order - RTI Letter Download
  27. TRB Reply after judgement - RTI Letter Download
  28. High court judgement - RTI Letter Download
  29. TRB Reply 2 after judgement - RTI Letter Download

Vinayaga Mission Studies:

  1. Yes (11.3.2014) | Vinayaga Mission University Studies Department Permission - RTI Letter
  2. Yes (16.6.2015) | Vinayaga Mission University Studies Eligible to Promotion - Court Judgement Copy
  3. Yes (25.3.2015) | Vinayaga Mission University MPhil Eligible to Incentive - RTI Letter
  4. Yes (18.1.2012) | Vinayaga Mission UGC Approved copy & DSE Auditor PDF Download Letter - RTI Letter Download
  5. No (10.7.2015) | Vinayga Mission Studies Not eligible to Promotion & Incentive - RTI Letter
  6. No (30.1.2015) | Vinayaga Mission M.Phil Not eligible to get incentive (Elementry Education)  - RTI Letter Download 
  7. No (27.10.2014) | Vinayaga Mission M.Phil Not eligible to get incentive (Secondary Education)  - RTI Letter Download 
  8. No (12.10.2012) | Vinayaga Mission University – M.Phil Not Eligible to Promotion or Incentive - RTI Letter
  9. Vinayaga Univ M.Phil Incentive for Middle School BT - Regarding - RTI Letter Download


  1. தகவலுக்கு நன்றி ஐயா...!!!
    இத்துடன் அலௌவலகத்தில் இருந்து வந்த அரசு கடித இணைப்பையும் தந்தால் நமது அலுவலத்தில் அதைக் காண்பித்து ஆணை பெற எதுவாக இருக்கும்.

  2. Mutual Transfer=BT ENGLISH ,,, MELMARUVATHUR, KANCHEEPURAM DT to SALEM, NAMAKKAL, DHARMAPURI, ERODE.dt..pls contact=8012998093,7667724789......

  3. Mutual Transfer=BT ENGLISH ,,, MELMARUVATHUR, KANCHEEPURAM DT to SALEM, NAMAKKAL, DHARMAPURI, ERODE.dt..pls contact=8012998093,7667724789......

  4. இடைநிலை ஆசிரியர் பதவியிலிருந்து பட்டதாரி ஆசிரியர் பதவி உயர்வுக்கு தனி ஊதியம் ரூ.750/- சேர்த்து நிர்ணயம் செய்வது சார்பாக சரியான (ILLUSTRATION) தெளிவுறை இல்லையே? ஏன்?

  5. is there any incentive msc psycology who already graduated as msc.maths

  6. your site is having excellent collection of materials and G.O ...Hats off sir

  7. Should Aided college follow trb marks for recruitment of assistant professor if there is Go kindly update

  8. Sir,
    I am a computer instructor in GBHSS. I completed my M.A. English after B.SC ,B.Ed. After that I completed my B.A English 3years course. If I apply PGTRB and get good score then am I eligible(REverse degree)

  9. Can I get second incentive for M.phil in Economics, (cross najor?) as I got first incentive for M.A.ENGLISH, ? I'm working as B.T.ASST ENGLISH.

  10. Need unit transfer from middle school to higher secondary school year 2009

  11. My mother worked as mgmt school teacher. For the year 2011-2012 financial year 2012 - 2013 income tax paid through AEO . For above mentioned year we paid TAX to AEO but AEO could no pay to the Income tax department for RS 25,000 till now with interest it lead to 30,000, we have contacted AEO office and Treasury, not even responds for my queries. Help me solve this issue.

  12. My mother worked as teacher, For the year 2011-2012 financial year 2012 - 2013 income tax paid through AEO. For above mentioned year we paid TAX to AEO but AEO could no pay to the Income tax department for RS 25,000 till now with interest it lead to 30,000, we have contacted AEO office and Treasury, no one responds our issue... Help me to resolve.

  13. can I know correspondent can have authority over HM leave and attendence

  14. If b.ed is common for all subjects means is it applicable for computer science also??

  15. நான் பி.எ தமிழ் விநாயக மிஷன் பல்கலைக்கழகத்தில் 2013- 2016 பயின்றேன். நான் பி.எட் படிக்க முடியுமா? டெட் க்கு இந்த பட்டம் தகுதியானதா...

  16. I want to get some information through try anyone pls help to get rti link or application

  17. Dear sir I am working as a bt. asst. incentive eligible for 2 degree in same year( B.Ed (regular) &M.Phil ( distance edu.)) incentive eligible for m.phil degree?

  18. How many periods for social science in a week.some school allotted 7 some 6 some 5.which one is following correct pls any G.O r other clarification..?(High and Higher secondary school)

  19. I am working in govt school. .nan evening college apply panniten
    .now how I apply for permission from aeeo...any body send permission format, ,

  20. Good morning sir
    If we take maternity leave before probation period what will happen ie in declaring probation period

  21. I lost my hall ticket but i have last exam appeared certificate and time table of that exam and my certificates in MA English is it enough to get my incentive sir any one guide me . is there any GO to get without hall ticket

  22. Is anyone know what is the recent update for reverse degree candidates who and all passed the TET on 2013.


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