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RTI Letters in Tamilnadu Education Department Regarding

New RTI Letters:

  1. 10th Maths - Public Exam Blue Print Regards RTI Letter | TNHHSSGTA - Click Here
  2. Aided School Promotion Regards RTI Letter - Click Here
  3. PG Promotion Ratio Regards Clarification - RTI Letter
  4. Govt Staffs SR not given for RTI Letter - RTI Letter
  5. School Students Learning Disorder Regards - RTI Letter
  6. Disabled Person's Travelling Allowance Clarification - RTI Letter
  7. IT forms no need to Submit to Treasury - RTI Letter
  8. TET Posting Regards RTI Letter - Click Here
  9. Computer Instructors Incentive Regards - Click Here
  10. HM's must obey the RTI Letters - Click Here
  11. When the school lunch time? | RTI Letter - Click Here
  12. BRTE's SABL Works - Click Here
  13. CL (Casual Leave) Taking Details - Click Here 
  14. Permission for Religious symbols wear in Schools - Click Here
  15. Master Attendance Proceeding - Name List Order - Click Here 
  16. PG Asst Handling Lower Class - Click Here
  17. High and Hr.Sec School HM's Duties - Click Here
  18. No Need TET Exam Write for Before 23.8.2010 Certificate Verified Teachers - Click Here
  19. No Extra Benifits for Staffs Under CPS Pension - Click Here
  20. Computer Instructor Appointment Via TRB - Details - Click Here
  21. Aided School HM - No Power to Issue Memo to School Teachers - Click Here
  22. CPS - New CPS Number Amount Merged to Old CPS Number Rgaridng - Click Here
  23. Middle School HM Incharge Surrender Regarding - Click Here
  24. Departmental Exam Permission Regarding - Click Here
  25. How much fees colect from government school students? - Click Here
  26. Before Service Joining Course - No Need Department Permisssion - Click Here
  27. Which Banks Housing Loans and interests are allowed to IT Tax deduction/District Treasury - Click Here

  1. School Meals distribute to all 220 working days must - Click Here 
  2. Union Seniority Must for Master Attendance Name Entry/DEEO - Click Here
  3. Master Attendance - Name List Order - Click Here 
  4. Primary Schools Salary Head Details - Click Here
  5. Saturday School Working Day  - RTI Letter Download 
  6. Single Teacher School Conversion No - Click Here 
  7. Computer BT's Grade Pay Detail - RTI Letter Download
  8. AEEO Office Registers  - RTI Letter Download
  9. Rs.25,000 Penalty for "No RTI Reply" - Click Here
  10. How to Write RTI Letter? Click Here - RTI Letter Download

CL/EL/ML Regarding:
  1. Minimum 2 Days Leave Must for ML - Click Here
  2. CL Also Eligible to Uncompleted Probationary Period Teachers - Click Here
  3. CL Not Permitted to CRC Days / SPD - Click Here
  4. CRC Equal Special CL Permitted by HM [PDF Download] - Click Here
  5. Minimum How Many Days take ML? - Click Here
  6. RTI Letter about CRC Money [PDF Download] - Click Here
  7. EL Surrender Eligible to After 1 Year Completed Teachers - Click Here

Notes of Lesson No Need:

  1. Notes of Lesson No need for SABL Classes [PDF Download] - Click Here
  2. Notes Lesson No Need For SABL Classes [PDF Download] - Click Here
  3. Notes of Lesson No Need For SABL Classes [PDF Download] - Click Here
  4. Work Done Register Maintenance Don't Need For SABL Classes - Click Here
  1. How much CPS Amount deduction allowed for Income Tax calculation? - Click Here
  2. CPS Missing Credit Regarding RTI Letter - Click Here
  3. CPS Fund Transfer to New CPS Account with LF Audit - RTI Letter Download 
  4. CPS Fund Transfer to New CPS Account with LF Audit - RTI Letter Download 
  5. CPS Subscription & Govt Contribution Fund - Interest Alloted equal to PF - Click Here
  6. CPS Fund Details in All India Level - Click Here
  7. Data Center CPS Amount Transfer to AG Office – RTI Letter Download
  8. CPS and GPF-Clarification regarding employees who shift from Aided school to Govt Schools – to continue in Old Pension Scheme - RTI Letter Download
  9. Data Center CPS Amount Transfer to AG Office - RTI Letter Download
TET Teachers:
  1. TET Exam Relaxation not allowed to teachers - Click Here
  2. TET Relaxation regarding orders issued by DSE Director only/TRB - Click Here
  3. UGC Guide Lines for TET Exam - Click Here
  4. TET Qualified Teachers Seniority Panel Preparation Regarding [PDF Download] - Click Here
  5. TET 2013 Exam Not Approved by NCTE / RTI Letter given by TRB - Click Here
  6. Aided School without TET Teachers Increment Regarding RTI Letter - Click Here
  7. TET - RTI Letters - RTI Letter Download
  8. Economics Not Eligible to TET - RTI Letter Download
Basic Duties:
  1. School HM, All Assistant Teachers, Non Teaching Staffs - Fundamental Duties | RTI Letter PDF Download - Click Here 
  2. BT Asst & PG Asst Teacher works Regarding - RTI Letter (PDF Download) - Click Here
  3. Scavenger can also clean the toilet in the schools - RTI Letter (PDF Download) - Click Here
  4. SSA - Supervisor's Basic Word [PDF Format] - Click Here
  5. SSA - BRTE's Basic Works - Click Here 
  6. Night Watchman Work - RTI Letter - Click Here
Transfer / Promotion / Appointment:
  1. Promoted PG Asst Appointment Regarding - Click Here
  2. RTI Letter About 652 Computer Instructors Appointment Priority Regarding - Click Here
  3. No Transfer to Computer Instructors - Click Here
  4. Computer Science Posting Regarding - RTI Letter Download
  5. BT Post - SG Assistants Promotion Regarding - Click Here
  6. Unit Transfer – ADW to School Education - RTI Letter Download
  7. Compassionate appointment relaxation for the Disabled - RTI Letter Download

Aided Schools:

  1. DSE | Aided School Seniority Fixation Regarding [PDF Download] - Click Here
  2. RTI – Aided School Deployment affect to Junior Teacher Only - RTI Letter Download
  3. Aided School Promotion Regarding - RTI Letter Download


  1. Junior - Senior  pay anomoly controversy answer- RTI Letter Download
  2. Junior - Senior Pay Contraversy Answers 2 - RTI Letter Download
  3. RTI Letter About Junior Senior Pay Difference - RTI Ltr Download
  4. No Need Family Details For Junior & Senior Proposal - Click Here

750 PP Regarding:

  1. SG teacher’s Personal Pay 750 Regarding RTI Letter & All Collection - RTI Letter Download

500 GP Regarding:

  1. SG Asst Grade Pay 500 Regarding RTI Letter - Click Here

Higher Studies:

  1. M.A. Economics Eligible to Incentive / JD - Click Here
  2. HSC-First Improvement Certificate also register in Service Register [PDF Download] - Click Here
  3. Incentive Restricted to Limited M.Phil Degrees - Click Here
  4. Convocation Certificate Must for Genuineness Verification - Click Here
  5. Must Get Department Permission For Every TNPSC Group Exams - RTI Ltr Download
  6. BLit Incentive Not Eligible to BRTs - RTI Letter Download.
  7. Meenakshi Deemed University Chennai Not Eligible to M.Phil Prat Time -by UGC Delhi via Right To Information Act. - RTI Letter Download
  8. Two Subjects in Same Year eligible to get Incentive - RTI Ltr Download
  9. Middle School BT's BEd Teaching Practice = Full Salary [PDF Download] - Click Here
  10. BEd Common For All Subjects - RTI Letter Download
  11. BEd is General For All Degree - Click Here
  12. BEd is General for All UG Degree - RTI Letter Download
  13. M.A Economics Incentive Eligible - RTI Letter Download 
  14. M.Phil & M.Ed Higher Education Permission Regarding - RTI Letter Download
  15. One Sitting Maths Eligible to SG to BT Promotion - RTI Letter Download
  16.  SGTTC is equal to +2 for Promotion - RTI Letter Download
  17.  Dual Degrees-Tam,Eng,History only Eligible - RTI Letter Download
  18. 2 Degree in Same Time Eligible to Promotion - RTI Letter Download
  19. B.Ed (Special Education) equivalence to B.Ed.(General Education) - RTI Letter Download
  20. Double Degree also not qualified to TET Exam Apply.RTI Letter Download
  21. Two Degrees in Same Year – Not Eligible - RTI Letter Download
  22. BA (3Years) Studied after the BSC & BEd is Eligible to Appointment - RTI Letter Download
  23. Double Degree Eligible for promotion in Aided school - RTI Letter Download
  24. TRB Reply Before judgement - RTI Letter Download
  25. DSE RTI reply of RTI about double Degree - RTI Letter Download
  26. DEE proof Double degree – not for promotion – due to interim court order - RTI Letter Download
  27. TRB Reply after judgement - RTI Letter Download
  28. High court judgement - RTI Letter Download
  29. TRB Reply 2 after judgement - RTI Letter Download

Vinayaga Mission Studies:

  1. Yes (11.3.2014) | Vinayaga Mission University Studies Department Permission - RTI Letter
  2. Yes (16.6.2015) | Vinayaga Mission University Studies Eligible to Promotion - Court Judgement Copy
  3. Yes (25.3.2015) | Vinayaga Mission University MPhil Eligible to Incentive - RTI Letter
  4. Yes (18.1.2012) | Vinayaga Mission UGC Approved copy & DSE Auditor PDF Download Letter - RTI Letter Download
  5. No (10.7.2015) | Vinayga Mission Studies Not eligible to Promotion & Incentive - RTI Letter
  6. No (30.1.2015) | Vinayaga Mission M.Phil Not eligible to get incentive (Elementry Education)  - RTI Letter Download 
  7. No (27.10.2014) | Vinayaga Mission M.Phil Not eligible to get incentive (Secondary Education)  - RTI Letter Download 
  8. No (12.10.2012) | Vinayaga Mission University – M.Phil Not Eligible to Promotion or Incentive - RTI Letter
  9. Vinayaga Univ M.Phil Incentive for Middle School BT - Regarding - RTI Letter Download


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