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Thursday 8 August 2013

TNTET - How to get more marks in - Science ?

            You are working hard to get success in TNTET examination. As a good teacher you should acquire all round mastery in subjects. So, you should cover all portions of 1 to 10th books for TET Paper – I and 6 to 12th books for TET Paper - II. Try to take notes while reading. It will help you to revise quickly. For Science portion you should give more importance to basic science, science laws, inventions, scientists, unique facts, exceptions for general principles, etc.


You should be well prepared in the following portions:

01. World of plants, Cell structure, Health and Hygiene, My body.

02. Micro organisms, World of animals, Life process, Environmental science.

03. Atomic structure, Chemical reactions, Energy sources, Organic compounds, IUPAC names.

04. Measurements, Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity, Electromagnetism.

05. Your interesting portions in plus one and plus two books.

06. Science teaching methodology.

07. Previous year TNTET examination’s questions.


            Be well prepared for the exam. Be well prepared in all sections listed in the Exam Syllabus. Read concepts. While reading, you should try to make questions. Every single line in the lesson may be questioned. Try to convert each line to a question. Your own preparation of study material will play a vital role to write the examination well.


            While writing the examination, try to avoid the wrong options to get a right answer.

          I wish you all to score more marks and be ready to work as a good teacher. The schools are eagerly waiting for your arrival.



Thanks to Mr. Ravikumar, B.T.Asst., GHS, Arangal Durgam.

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