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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Teachers are A to Z for students - Teachers Day Special

Accelerator to accelerate the spirit for learning
Booster to boost up the quench for learning
Cultivator to cultivate character for learning
Dedicator to delight the minds for learning
Enlighter to enlight the noble thoughts for learning
Flower to fascinate the fragrance for learning
Gardener to grow the civic sense for learning
Healer to heal up the defects for learning
Inclinator to incline the behavior for learning
Joker to joke up the joy for learning
Knocker to knock up the lazy for learning
Leader to lead the society for learning
Motivator to motivate the hesitators for learning
Navigator to navigate the new ways for learning
Observer to observe the new techniques for learning
Painstaker to produce the earnestness for learning
Quoter to quote the strategy for learning
Reservoir to release the knowledge for learning
Server to serve the slow learners for learning
Thriver to thrive the downtrodden for learning
Ulterior to unfold the hidden thoughts for learning
Ventilator to ventilate the viable for learning
Winner to win over the hurdles for learning
(E)Xcellent to exhalt the success for learning
Yacter to yact the meaningful life for learning
Zenither to zenith the target for learning

Hence, the teacher has no end for learning
The learning has no end to end till the end of life.

By K.Stephen Jeyaraj BT English
Govt High School
Thiruvaadanai Taluk
Ramanathapuram Dist. Cell 9486431155

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