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Monday, 7 October 2013

Please Change TNTET Weightage Calculation Method - Request Article

                Many Candidates wrote their TET Exam by working very hard. All the Previous TET Passed candidates got Job. But this time so many candidates are passed their exams.

              TRB also published their tentative key Answers. On the basis of TET marks and weightage. The canddidate expected their job opportunity. 

                    According to Paper I those who are passed with 90 Marks are appointed on the basis of their employment seniority. So there is no problem in this section.

               But in Paper 2 the weightage method is great problem for all. Because it not only considers the TET marks but also their +2, UG, B.Ed Marks. It affected the candidates those who were passed their school and degrees in 1995 and before.

                   Because in that period scoring high marks in +2 is so difficult. And in particularly the history. Vocational and the groups which gives more practical marks can score high marks. But the Maths and Science Group students could not scored high marks. But now students are scored high marks easily.

                According to degree the regular students can score high marks than the Distance Education Students who were unable to go regular college because of their poverty. It's also a considerable point.

                  The TET Mark Weightage also very difficult. For Example in the TET, the candidate who scored only 90 is equally treated to the candidate who scored 104. It's not a good validity. Because in TET each and every mark is gained only by the hard work of the candidates. So above 90 Mark each and every mark must get 0.5 mark in weightage. This is the correct method of scaling the candidates ability.

              Otherwise like PG TRB, the weightage will be given on the basis of employment seniority, and working experience.

                  Like these so many problems are there in TET weightage system. So It be clarified in the next tet and our govt will publish a clarification GO According to this.

This is a great expectation of All TET Candidates.

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