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Complete List of Blogger Post editor keyboard shortcuts

           If you know any keyboard shortcut which is using  in Blogger post editor and I have not shared yet,kindly share it with us from commenting section. I expect that this information will may help you to save your valuable time and work in blogger post editor comfortably.

Ctrl + C
Copy Selected Text
Ctrl + V
Paste Copied Text
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + A
Highlight the All text
Ctrl + D
AutoSave as Draft
Ctrl + S
Autosave and keep editing
Ctrl + F
Find a Word or Phrase
Ctrl + B
Bold the Selected text
Ctrl + U
Underline the Selected text
Ctrl + I
Change to Italic
Ctrl + G
Transliterate using Indian font
Ctrl + P
Publish the Post
Ctrl + L
Format selected text as blockquote (only works in HTML mode)
Ctrl + Shift + A
Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl + Shift + P
Preview the Post

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