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TNTET Court Case Judgement Now Announced.

            TET CASES JUDGEMENT HAS ANNOUNCED 2012 CANDIDATES 5% CAN NOT GIVE RELAXATION. BECAUSE THAT PROCESS ALREADY FULLY COMPLETED. 2013 CANDIDATES 5% STANDS CORRECT. WEIGHTAGE SHOULD CONSIDER SCIENTIFIC METHOD (INSTEAD OF MECHANICAL METHOD) 12th obtained marks converted to 10 eg. 85% = 8.5 marks degree converted to 15 eg. obtained percentage/ 100 X 15 B.ed obtained percentage/ 100 X 15 tet mark= obtained tet mark/150 X 60

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  1. Oruvarin munnoku thiramai enbathe sari.pinnoki parpathu sariyalla.eppadi ithu scientific method agum.ellam kalathin kodumai!


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