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Saturday, 9 August 2014

PGTRB English Preparation Important Points

History of the English Literature:

Important Links:
  1. Initially communication by signs and gestures deaf language.
  2. Langage is evolulionary one, not static.
  3. Anglo saxon English differs -> Chaucer's English => S-our's English
  4. Change is still going on.
  5. In olden wandering life there is no need of recording of sayigs but late it takes importance.
  6. Speech differentiate men from other animals.
  • Lioyd James -> all animals have the necessary speech organs at least in embryo.
  • Sir.G.Eliot Smith=> discovery of speech marked the beginning of man.

Origin of language:

  1. The bow-wow theory: - c onomatopoeic following/imitating the sounds of creatures or objects dog-bow-wow, snake-hising by wind, water - liquid sound.
  2. The ding-dong Theory:- associated with geman scholar Max Muller: in the sense of rhythm this one is mostly based on the movement than sound.
  3. The pooh-pooh theory: made by emotional interjections like pain, surprise, pleasure, wonder etc. (pooh-pooh: explamation-contempt)
  4. Gesture theory:
  • Wilhelm Wundt and later re-stated by sir Richard paget in his book Human speech.
  • Communicate by gesture and sigh language.
  • Every movement of the hand is accompanied by a corresponding movement of the tongue. The lips or the Jaws.
  • So the hand sign translate slowly into tongue, lips, jaws language.
  • Education, Its Data and first priciples -sir percy Nun. drawn in towards. speaker you, thou - movement is towards the person addressed. (Directional difference of lips indicates the meaning)

No theory give satisfied solution of Origin:

  • Dr. Wilbur M.Urban dismisses the first 3 theories, that when even they combined they do not explain everything.

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