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Saturday 10 December 2016

Half Yearly Exam Answer Keys For 10th Standard

                Half Yearly common exam is conducting through out Tamil nadu schools on the basis of samacheer kalvi syllabus. This exam is conducting (in all districts) like public exams for 10th students. It helps the students to prepare them to face their public exam fearlessly. So the time allotments, seating arrangements, question paper distribution all the procedure's are followed like the public exams. It is a very great thing in education.

                   These Half-Yearly question papers allotted and answer keys are uploaded in our website for 10th standards. So please all the students and teachers should use this great opportunity to develop the achievement levels.

Half Yearly Exam Question Paper Download (December 2016)
  • 10th Standard | Maths - Half Yearly Exam Question Paper | Mr. Karthi Jeyapal - Tamil Medium 
Half Yearly Exam Question Paper & Answer Key Download (December 2016)

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  1. Upload Science and Social Key

  2. pease upload question papers also

  3. Mr.kalaivanan, i wish to bring to your kind notice that in eng I key, 53rd question, its not late evening.because in a late evening, we can't see the sun so bright as it is in the given picture.so it is a morning time.please kindly contact me at gowsik2@gmail.com.please...don't forget.i have some more doubts.i would like to make an english teacher as my friend to solve my doubts.i have been searching far and wide for that.

  4. The social key is excellent will you please correct my paper if i upload in your mail please send your mail.id if possible

  5. Please upload 4 set of revision question paper from 2012 to 2017 by government and palayakkottai brothers question paper in tamil and english medium.
    With faithfully,
    Joseph Arockiaraj

  6. Fuck man put 2017 question paper

  7. commerce half yearly question with answer in tamil medium upload pannuga


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