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Plus Two Old Govt Question Papers Download 2008 TamilNadu

2008 Questions
July, 2008

English                                 Paper 1                       Paper 2
Tamil                                   Paper 1                        Paper 2
Arabic                                  Paper 1                        Paper 2
French                                 Paper 1                        Paper 2
Hindi                                    Paper 1                        Paper 2
Kannada                              Paper 1                        Paper 2
Malayalam                           Paper 1                        Paper 2
Sanskrit                                 Paper 1                        Paper 2
Telugu                                   Paper 1                        Paper 2
Urudu                                     Paper 1                        Paper 2
Biology                                 English Medium
Chemistry                             English Medium
Commerce                            English Medium
Economics                            English Medium
History                                  English Medium  
Mathematics                         English Medium  
Physics                                 English Medium  
 Micro Biology                       English Medium
 Computer Science                English Medium
 Home Science                      English Medium
 Political Science                  English Medium
 Nursing                                 English Medium
 Indian Culture                      English Medium
March, 2008

French                                     Paper 1                         Paper 2
Accountancy                            English Medium 
Biology                                    English Medium            Tamil Medium
Business Mathematics             English Medium  
Chemistry                                English Medium             Tamil Medium
Commerce                              English Medium              Tamil Medium
Economics                              English Medium  
English                                   Paper 1                          Paper 2
Geography                             English Medium  
History                                   English Medium  
Mathematics                          English Medium               Tamil Medium
Physics                                  English Medium               Tamil Medium
Statistics                                English Medium   
Tamil                                     Paper 1                         Paper 2
Zoology                                 English Medium 
 Bio Chemistry                        English Medium
 Micro Biology                        English Medium
 Botony                                                                      Tamil Medium

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