How to Attend Creative and Interior Questions in Competitive Exams? - Free Coaching Team - TRB TNPSC

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How to Attend Creative and Interior Questions in Competitive Exams? - Free Coaching Team

Dear Teachers and Students,
           Padasalai wishes you all for your best supporting to us. Our website gives so many useful services to all students and teachers. Now our website steps into an another milestone, that is the "Creative Questions and Interior Questions" Suggestions team.

We made this team with the best teachers from all over Tamilnadu. So many devoted and service minded teachers are now registered their names with our team.

Steps to join with the Creative Question Makers Team:

  1. Click Here & Register Teachers Details
  2. Fill up the above form.
  3. Upload your Creative Questions in the Padasalai's Email ID:
How to frame the Question Paper:
  1. The questions must be asked from the interior Content and Creative based only. No questions should be asked from the book back.
  2. Question paper may be prepared for unit wise (or) Lesson wise. All the Question papers for the same lesson (from many teachers) will be accepted and published.
  3. The question paper should be prepared for only 40 to 50 marks. According to this mark allotment teachers can divide the type of questions like one marks, 2 Marks, 3 and 5 Marks.
  4. The answering time allotted to this type of questions must be 45 minutes. So the questions can be prepared on the basis of this time duration.
  5. This question papers will be prepared not only for the public exams. But also helps to the students future Competitive Exams like NEET, JEE or All India Level Exams.
  6. So the teachers must be prepared only very creative and technically answered questions.
  7. These question papers are fully answered by the higher achievers only. So the questions must be very Interior and Creative.
  8. In the last page of the question papers, Question Makers can note their personal details. Like name, designation, contact no, Passport size Photo Attachment,  the particular time - when the students can contact the Question Makers must be noted.
  9. The Question papers must be uploaded in Word format (or) PDF format. Apart from 10th, 12th, Question papers, Other standard question papers also invited.
  10. These Question papers will be published in this website.
Steps for Students:
  1. Click Here & Register Students Details
  2. Fill up the above form.
  3. You can Evaluate your answer papers with the help of your teachers only. There is no facility for the Evaluation from our Padasalai's Centum Coaching Team Teahcers.
  4. If there is any doubts in the Question Papers, you can contact the Teachers who created the question paper. They will definitely help you.
Important Note:
Our Padasalai Team published the "Question-Answer" Android App for only those joined with the Creative Questions Team.

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Vidya said...


I Registered my name in the website to receive the updates for +2 through students login portal. But I didn't get any confirmation mail as well as any updates. Please help me out.

With regards


Kuppusamy said...

Soon you will get collection of question papers link, Best of Luck!

Alagesan said...

sir I want 10th Tamil Govt key Answers for september 2016 (Supplimentery Exam)

ria said...

sir i want 10th answer keys for june 2016

Unknown said...

Hi.I am Hariharan studying 10th std .I need maths question papers with creative questions........pls reply.......

Unknown said...

Hi friends..
I like this website very.I will also suggest everyone to use this....All will be the best....Don't be a hardly worker(lazy) be a hard worker....

Unknown said...

don't ask for answer it in textbook u can get much more information...

Unknown said...

How to get answer key for creative questions

Unknown said...

Sir I have neet model question in Tami please help me sir

Unknown said...

Sir please send me 11.06.2017 today group exam answer kays

Unknown said...

Guys I want the creative question PDF yarr

Birenish said...

I wish to get a copy of NEET question bank cd that the TN government is releasing. Where can I obtain this cd? Can I ask for it to be mailed to me? Appreciate your input.

Unknown said...

I want full portion question paper in science plz send

Unknown said...

i need tamil-ii question paper

Unknown said...

I need more question papers with answer

Unknown said...

I registered and still iididnt receive any questions A there are only a few days left please send the question papers soon for my reference

Unknown said...

Hi friends, I am studying 10th standard. I need difficult questions in trigonometry(identity).
Pls send me

Unknown said...

11std physics, chemistry, biology line by line one mark questions need other then book back one mark questions.....

Unknown said...

10std science line by line one mark other than book back questions

Unknown said...

10std science line by line one mark other than book back questions

Anonymous said...

one mark questions with all chapters and come book

Anonymous said...

y cant u try 2 upload onemark creative questions in phy and chem for 12th standard

Gayu said...

Creative questions Ku please given the answers(10th,11th,12th physics, chemistry).

Anonymous said...

Please post commerce, economics, Accountancy, business maths question paper. All important questions. Please

Unknown said...

please upload some physics creative questions for standard 11.

Anonymous said...

10th line by line interior 1marks
Pls upload

Anonymous said...

They didn't send...ah��������

Rajkumar, Madurai, TamilNadu said...

Hello Sir,
I searched Creative Questions with Answers. But I repeatedly the same page will appear, in there Lessonwise Questions only got without answer prepared by Mr.T.S. Saravanan.

Kindly Don't be repeaded page in website.

MANJULA N H.M. said...

Sir,pls. Send me a creative question paper for English meadium student.Ist & IInd STD EVS IIIrd to Vth SCIENCE & SOCIALSCIENCE.

Tamil said...

I am a student please change this do digital version and live study.

Unknown said...

Sir I prepare group2 mains Ku physics topics upload pannunga

Sk said...

I need English prose 2mark creativequestions

Unknown said...

Please change time table for 12 chemistry in public exam kind request of us we have to prepare 22 lessons in 1 day.

Unknown said...

I want maths guide

Unknown said...

Contact the respective Teacher for Answers...csk

Unknown said...

10th STD sslc , Tamil , science , social 1marks other than book back

Unknown said...

10th line by line one marks upload

Unknown said...

I want to score 99marks in English in 10th public

Anonymous said...

I need social and science book inside one words.

Unknown said...

I am tamilselvan i need creative question with answer pleezzz sir 1.6.2020

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