PGTRB Exam Tips

Relaxation Technique
1.Avoid stress
2.Increase saying frequently " I can win ...I can  do"
3.Avoid final moment discussions with anyone
4.Often  believe yourself and satisfy about your past hard work.
5.Slowly go through the concepts already you studied.
6.Gently avoid negative sayings from others and physically don't bend your ear upon them.
7.Eat only light food like idly and avoid coffee or tea before commencement of exam.
8.During exam session..Be comfort in your place and accept your environment and ensure yourself it is so safe and good.
9.keenly observe first what invigilator instruct you.
10.Get into at least 3 times the preview of columns given for filling and shading front page.
11.Then go ahead of examination schedule and ensure your success only considering your pen,your concepts together with your future.
12.And finally believe your valuable efforts and hard work..put your energy here with your confident.
           " No one can do better than you_Get all success "

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