How to Apply CPS Number in Online

1. The first thing you have to done is to print this 3 pages seperately then fill the details with black 
      ink, after that the photograph of the Govt. Employer should be pasted with his/her signature also 
      with the pay drawing officer's attestation.  These 3 Pages must be scanned within 300 kb in PDF 

2. After these procedures you can visit the below 

3.  A new page will be opened, in this page you can fill the user name(treasury number) and password      (Pay Drawing Officer's code number) 
      For Ex: Treasury no: 123 
                    Paydrawing Officer's Code No: 123
                    You can type like Username: 123           Password: 123
      Then you click the submit button. After that the new page will be opened and you filled the                 required details then you click the check button.

4. The next page can be filled with proper details then you click the proceed button.
5. Again the next page will be filled and uploaded the scanned PDF file at last you click the save 
6. Before you press the forward button you must confirm the filled details are correct, if any corrections you can go to the draft and pick the particular person's file then you edit any needed corrections.
7. After the clicking the forward button the details of the file forwarded to the chennai data centre. The new CPS number will be alloted with in few days after the verification the person's details.
( For getting the new CPS alloted number you can click the S1 form and download the new CPS number allotment letter).

         If there is any doubt about this procedure, kindly contact our Padasalai's Volunteer Mr. P.Manohar with Mobile No: 9952351588

For Download PDF Format with Tamil Instructions (Link 1)- Click Here
For Download PDF Format with Tamil Instructions (Link 2 with Clear Copy) - Click Here

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