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How to View Word Document with Vanavil Avvaiyar Font Using Android Phone, Tablet PC

How to Open and Read Vanavil Avvaiyar Font formed word document file in a Android Mobile.

The Basic Things To Do: 
1. Only one time to do in a Internet Linked Computer
2. Only one time do the work in a Android Mobile.

Part I (In Desktop / Laptop)
Things to do in a Internet connected computer.

        1. Select the Windows 7 OS having computer (with internet connection. {Windows XP OS computer couldn't have Dotnet Software, It takes too much of time to Download and Installation. So it's better to leave it.}

         2. First you install needed Tamil Fonts like Bamini, Vanavil Avvaiyar, Suntommy, Diamond, Neelu Fonts in your Computer's Contorl Panel -> Fonts Folder. Then you click the below link and download as well as install the software in your computer. Its Available in www.Padasalai.Net website's Left side bar.

          3. After Installing the requiring software open the software and click on the left corner marked place and enter your Email ID and your Email original password after that you sign up.

          4. After completing the sign up, click the cloud font button and then click the upload fonts. In this place only 5 fonts could be able to uploaded. So you can upload the important 5 fonts like Bamini, Vanavil Avvaiyar,etc...

          5. Atlast you sign out the software and leave the computer work.

Part II (In Android Mobile & Tablet PC)
Things to do in a Internet connected Android Phone.

         6. Now the requiring Vanvail Font Based file should open through the WPS Kingsoft Office. The letters are not arranged in a proper way. Now, you click the left top corner's Edit Button. (Note: Don't click the below Tools Button).

       7. In the next page, you click the Tools button then you select and click the Vanvail Avvaiyar Button. Click the next page's Cloud part and then click Try now button.This time an option like "Would you like to download this Cloud Font now?" will appear. You must click 'Yes'.

       8. Atlast when you entered the same Email ID and Password (Which is entered in Desktop/Laptop) the 5 fonts which you download already, Can be displayed you click the done button after downloading the 5 fonts in your Android Mobile. 

      9. Now the Second thing is Over. There is no need to do all the above process in your Mobile & Tablet PC for each and every time.
      10. At last your mobile is ready to open an Vanavil Avvaiyar Font by pressing the WPS Kingsoft Office, After downloading the file.

                   In this Procedure If you can find some difficulties (or) Doubts kindly contact our Padasalai Website's Volunteers for Clarification.

Mr. P. Manogar   - 9952351588
Mr. S. Vinoth      -  9894304617

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For Download This Tutorial in PDF Format with Tamil Language - Click Here

You Tube Video Tutorial View - Click Here

And We thanks to Mr. P.MANOGAR, VOC Teacher, GHrSS, Kunnagampoondi,Tiruvannamalai Dt.
Mr. S. VINOTH, P.G.Asst.(English), GHrSS, Mangalam,Tiruvannamalai Dt. 

 Also we thanks to our Padasalai's Volunteers & Viewers for their great supporting.


Yours Lovingly,
- Padasalai Admin.


  1. Keep doing volunteer team & padasalai team... Wonderful trick... Really useful & precious gift to all the viewers... My heartfelt thanx.....

  2. Replies
    1. sir, can you tell the other way to view word document, thanks

    2. எப்போது Sir,

    3. step1-download tamil vanavil avvai or any font ttf
      step2-copy the font
      step3- open memory card storage
      step4-open ondroid folder>open wps office folder>cach folder> open kingsoft office folder>open font folder and past ttf fonts.
      step5-switch off and on the cell. now you can view tamil doc.from kingsoft office

    4. Super sir, i used yr steps and i got tamil font veiw in my mobile, thenk you sir.
      your good name?,you are from?

  3. tell me your idea to vanavil open in lollipop mobile

  4. i contacted the two numbers provided for clarification but no response from Manohar and Vinoth. I did all the process but not able to view my tamil pdf in bamini font. please help

  5. Hi friends now we can read vanavil avvaiyar font in lollipop.... paste vanavil anbuselvan font in wps or kingsoft font folder மேலே கவிதை பூக்கள் நண்பர் சொன்னபடி

    1. sir plz send vanavil anbuselvan font to

  6. i am using lenova a 7000. lollipop version .. but it is not working kindly tell me another way

  7. Do you have any trb materials or multiple choice questions for economics sir if have forwarded to my mail I'd pls do needful sir

  8. Do you have any trb materials or multiple choice questions for economics sir if have forwarded to my mail I'd pls do needful sir

  9. i am using lenova a 6000plus . lollipop version .. but it is not working kindly tell me another way

  10. Kavithai Pookkal sir's method superly works.
    To download best WPS software,

  11. Any way to install Tamil fonts in Windows mobile and iphone

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